The Invisible Man (2020)- A review

The secret to any good horror flick generally is the same in all movies. Less is more! Hide your monster and let the viewer’s imagination run wild. The images in our head are always far more terrifying than what can be shown on screen. It’s clear that writer/director Leigh Whannell also knows a thing or two about testing our nerves and keeping us guessing as he was the creator behind the Saw franchise. Let him welcome us to modern horror where ‘not’ seeing is believing!


Bring The Scare

A re-telling of the invisible man as a horror is pretty genius. It’s definitely not an original idea (Hello Hollow Man) but when done right, it is the perfect premise for truly chilling tension and edge of your seat scares. The building of tension is key (in all horrors actually) and this movie holds your attention from the first few moments. The director is very aware that viewers are scanning every pixel of every frame once things are in full swing for signs of movement and it’s absolutely golden. It’s been years since I’ve watched a movie and felt so anxious throughout. It’s more intense and unsettling rather than going for scares but I appreciate that even more. The typical jump scare flick just annoys me after a while and I’m glad to see more creativity on show here.


Elisabeth Moss

The entire movie rests on this actors shoulders and by God does she excel!! An amazing performance throughout. She plays abused spouse, recovering victim, hero and crazy person and just knocks it out of the park in every scene. How her character develops is sheer brilliance and she makes each twist and turn feel real. I think with a weaker actor, this film would have fallen down but because her performance is so convincing, she sells scenes that logic would normally allow us to tear apart!



Yeah! Unfortunately, you do have to suspend reality a little during the movie. It’s tough and if you overthink many aspects of the movie, you can rip holes in the plot pretty easily. However, like I mentioned, the talent on show and the constant tension building almost encouraged me to throw logic out the window and just enjoy the ride. I don’t want to give any spoilers but CCTV could have prevented so many of this movie’s outcomes however it wouldn’t have been half as interesting plot wise. So we’ll give it a pass!



One issue I can’t really get away from is the ‘more than human’ powers of the monster in this movie. I’ve tried to give nothing away plot wise here and will hopefully skirt around this as much as possible but sometimes it seems that we’re not dealing with a mortal man. Sure being invisible would give you certain buffs and I can imagine an athletic person in an invisibility suit would be quite deadly. That said, they are still just mortal and I think the film pushes our monster beyond the realms of being realistic. I can’t say more without giving it away but the third act dips in quality for me as this becomes more of an action movie rather than a tense thriller.


No Origin Story

This is a small gripe but worth a mention. The bad guy is made out to be this highly intelligent man who likes to control people and can analyse you. An apex predator. He can know what you’re thinking and always be two steps ahead. This is a great premise but it’s all told through exposition later on in the movie. A scene setter with our main bad guy seems just missing from the start of this movie! I’d love to see an extra scene (perhaps a deleted scene, who knows) which showcases our bad guy and gives us a little more feel for how deadly he can be.


Again no spoilers! This has one of the most satisfying endings I’ve seen in a long while. I really loved this movie. Sure I have my gripes with it and like most horrors…..logic needs to be kept on a short leash. The performance from Elisabeth Moss is absolutely stellar and makes every scene believable even when logic goes out the window. I found myself smiling as the credits rolled as I’d been entertained thoroughly which is rare. Check this film out!


So what did you think? Should Whannell do a cross-over film….Saw Nothing! Let me know in the comments below!

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