Retro Horror – Halloween (1978)

For the day that's in it, I decided to review my all time favorite horror film. The world's first introduction to the iconic Michael Myers and the film that launched John Carpenter's film career. Halloween is an out and out classic. Let's get into it!   Low Budget Made on a meager budget of 350,000 … Continue reading Retro Horror – Halloween (1978)

Retro Horror – The People under the Stairs (1991)

Extremely dark creepy tale mixed with humor, suspense & violence makes this a mish-mash of a film. Written and Directed by the brilliant Wes Craven I guess there's only one question we need to it good? Find out below.   Premise A young 13 year old boy named Fool from the Ghetto reluctantly helps … Continue reading Retro Horror – The People under the Stairs (1991)

Retro Horror – Death Line (1972)

A very British and gory horror from the past. Death Line otherwise known as Raw Meat stars Donald Pleasance & Christopher Lee. This creepy tale may linger with you long after you've finished watching it.   Plot A long forgotten abandoned part of the underground hosts generations of a family who live in savage conditions. … Continue reading Retro Horror – Death Line (1972)

Retro Horror – Friday the 13th Part VI

I have seen most but not all of the Jason Voorhees saga over the years but my all time favorite installment is Part VI - Jason Lives! Over the top gore, supernatural powers, quirky characters & a likeable Tommy Jarvis all add up to an entertaining romp. A must watch this Halloween.   Crazy Plot … Continue reading Retro Horror – Friday the 13th Part VI

Retro Horror – Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Firstly, I had a great internal struggle as to which version of this classic 'George A Romero' flick to review. The original 1968 version is considered the best however the first version I saw was the 'Tom Savini' remake which for the most part, is a very faithful remake. For me then, seeing the 90's … Continue reading Retro Horror – Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Retro Review – Sneakers (1992)

It's been quite a while but I thought I'd bring back some retro reviews. Sneakers is a tense thriller with an all star ensemble cast that offers plenty of thrills, great acting and smart writing.   Outline Bishop (Robert Redford) is the leader of a security firm who specialize in hacking into companies security defenses … Continue reading Retro Review – Sneakers (1992)