Xbox – New Console 2019?

  Project Scarlett Okay so as mentioned briefly at E3 2018 by Phil Spencer, they are deeply involved in works on their next console. Usually this could mean anything but the interesting line he dropped after was that they were also working on streaming games. Ubisoft also teased that console generations were coming to an … Continue reading Xbox – New Console 2019?

Westworld Season 2 – What the Actual F??

******SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS****** Spoilers for both seasons of 'Westworld'.......if you haven't watched it and want to, then please stop reading!! I want to cover Season 2 in particular however, this made lead to spoilers for both seasons. I suggest that if you haven't watched season 1 or season 2, then stop reading and go … Continue reading Westworld Season 2 – What the Actual F??

Uncharted – A short film

Earlier today a fan made short was put out over the internet featuring none other than 'Nathan Fillion' playing the beloved Nathan Drake from the Uncharted gaming series. Directed by Allan Ungar and also starring 'Stephen Lang' as Sully, Mircea Monroe as Elena and the absolute badass 'Geno Segers' (the ultimate villian from tv series … Continue reading Uncharted – A short film