The Adam Project (2022) – A Movie Review


A wise-cracking skillful pilot from the future travels back in time. With the help of his younger self, he seeks to change his future, find his missing/presumed dead wife and prevent time travel from ever being invented. A nostalgia heavy sci-fi action adventure with plenty of comedic beats and fun for all ages. So let’s get into it!

Future Perfect

Ryan Reynolds is now on his second outing as actor/producer with skilled director Shawn Levy and it’s very evident that they are a great pairing. Whether it’s Shawn understanding the actor he’s working with and extracting more depth from his performance or Ryan’s trust of Shawn’s directing capabilities, one thing is clear…..these pair make great movies together. Free Guy was one of my favourite movies of last year and if you like to check out my review, here is the link :

It’s also very exciting that Shawn Levy has now been confirmed as Director for Deadpool 3 which means this pairing will continue to be successful together and hopefully provide us with buckets full of entertainment.

The Ryan Effect

One thing before getting into the nitty gritty of the movie……we need to talk about Ryan Reynolds. I am a huge fan but even I have to admit that he has been getting away with basically playing himself since the success of the first Deadpool movie. Wise cracking sometimes to the point of annoyance in every movie can wear a little thin. Thankfully, as mentioned above, we get a bit more depth and range here thanks to Shawn’s expert direction. He’s still a wise cracking jerk but that’s not all he has to offer here. Also with the addition of his younger self, most of the one liners are given away to Adam age 12 (played by Walker Scobell).

Walker Scobell

A star in the making. This movie lives or dies on his performance alone. Playing the 12 year old version of Ryan Reynolds in a sci fi flicks drowning in comedic moments is quite a challenge. Luckily, he is completely convincing as the younger Adam. His facial expressions, line delivery, cadence and comedic timing is inch perfect and completely convincing. His every action is spot on and we’re basically left looking at Ryan Reynolds junior! The greatest running gag of the whole movie is that even Ryan finds himself annoying. Constantly berated his younger self for being too talkative and a wise cracking pain in the ass. It is refreshing to see Ryan being on the receiving end of his one liners for once and this kid really nails his performance.

Get on with it

I’ve gushed for three paragraphs now and have barely described the movie. Is it good? Yes, it’s actually something quite special. The science behind time travel is touched upon but not focused on for too long as this would really hinder such a fast paced popcorn flick. The movie doesn’t want you to think too hard but rather sit back and enjoy the ride. The chemistry between Ryan and Walker is truly remarkable and helps elevate a regular action flick into something special. They’re not alone though. Performances all around here are very strong. Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener & Jennifer Garner all put in the work. Their screen time is blistering quick in comparison to our two main stars but they each add a whole lot of heart and again help to elevate the movie into something special. Who would of thought a movie with Deadpool, Electra, The Hulk & The Green Lantern would show off such acting chops?!?


Another great addition to the movie is the nostalgia. Growing up in the 80’s my favourite movies came from directors like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Hughes & Joe Dante. Family movies like Gremlins, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Wars, Raider’s of the Lost Ark, The Monster Squad, The Goonies………the list goes on and on! One thing each movie had in common was that at their heart was a wholesome adventure for all the family to enjoy. They also usually had kids in them to relate to and the 80’s settings were notable. Flash forward to 2022 and somehow Shawn Levy has recaptured that same magic for the modern age. The time period is meant to be now but the vehicles, clothing and scenery all scream eighties which I don’t think is an accident. Add to that a killer soundtrack with golden oldies from Boston, Led Zeppelin & Pete Townsend and you’ll find your mind drifting back to your childhood! Not a bad complaint at all!

Big Heart

I never do spoilers when I write a review (unless I declare spoilers in the title) but I do have to vaguely mention one scene. Seeing Ryan Reynolds stretch himself and showing of his range is never better expressed than in the bar scene. I won’t give any more than that away but it’s great to see that he’s not just a wise cracker. Beyond the bar scene too, there are plenty of moments in this movie that show some real heart. It’s not often you find yourself watching a sci-fi action comedy and then get a solid emotional punch in the heart out of left field. In essence, this movie is about love and family and loss. Weighty themes cleverly disguised with comedy to catch you off guard. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was feeling quite emotional by the end. I’m not crying, you’re crying…..shut up!!


This is a rare gem. Solid action, solid acting, great comedic timing and strong emotional beats. It really has so much to offer. It’s not often that a Netflix movie offers so much but this is definitely one movie that deserved to be watched by all the family. So no excuses, fire up your Netflix account or steal your friends and settle in……it’s Supper-time Spanky!!!! (That will only make sense after you watch it)

Available now to stream on Netflix…..and I didn’t even mention lightsabers!!!

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