The Platform (2020) – A Sweary Rant!

Normally when it comes to movie reviews I’m quite restrained…..some might even say succinct and eloquent! I try my best not to ruin plot points or narrative and I restrict how much I talk about content. I generally just try to cover how I feel about it, what tone the movie has or themes it covers and whether or not I would recommend seeing it based on actor’s performances and general entertainment. I can promise no such thing for The Platform!


*****Major Spoilers**** Don’t read further if you plan to watch

Absolute Wank

I’ll start with my overall impression of the movie. This is pretentious shite that doesn’t deserve attention. It’s one of those movies that tries to make you feel clever as it brings up deeper issues but is in no way subtle or clever. It’s ambiguous ending is just lazy and it takes all but two minutes after the credits roll to realize that although the film presented some great talking points, it failed miserably to develop or share a valid opinion on it’s own subject matter. Fuck this movie!


Subtle as a Brick to the Face

The greatest argument for not enjoying a film is to say….oh well, you just didn’t get it. It’s too intelligent for you. You must have missed all the hidden meanings and clever symbolism. Bolloxs! I get it. Trust me….I get everything this movie is laying down! I fully understand the social class divide. I get that those above have no regard for those below. I completely understand that when you can’t afford to survive month to month, you may break the law or do very bad things to make ends meet. I also get that effecting change is a difficult thing to do. There are those who want change but lack the means to make it. There are those oblivious to the problem with no inclination to effect change and there are the rare few who want change and will do whatever they can to help pull others up. I even understand the similarities between the main character and the idealism’s of the character Don Quixote. A man delusional and lacking understanding of the world around him but also a man who’s thoughts of chivalry are very much needed in a world that has forgotten what chivalry means.

So how do I know all this? Am I exceptionally perceptive? Should I apply to Mensa and feel proud of my massive intellect? No! This film absolutely batters the viewer over the head with these themes. It never lets up! There is nothing subtle or nuanced here at all. I was completely fed up with this non stop bludgeoning throughout the movie. The main character carries a copy of Don Quixote for fuck sake!! Why don’t we just put stickers on the actors showing what they represent instead of getting them to act! This is a fucking bad joke! I was so exhausted with the obvious messaging throughout the movie that by the end…I was routing for the divide in classes, I don’t think that’s what they were going for! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes strong repetitive symbolism works. Lord of The Flies, Philadelphia here I Come & even Battle Royale all have strong statements which they repeat over and over. However, they have something in common that The Platform doesn’t…..they’re good for a start and more importantly, they’re entertaining!!


Ambiguous Ending

There have been many great movies with endings that leave us guessing. Usually the open style ending is justified or at the very least….earned! A movie where we don’t know what happens next but feel satisfied by how we got to that point is necessary to land a decent ambiguous ending. This film doesn’t do that. It spends the entire movie setting out a physical stage with characters and plot devices to preach about inequality. Unfortunately, because it has these very real people in a very real situation….it’s a total bust to not try to answer the problems the film so desperately wants us to discuss. Simply put…..these characters a left in the void because the film creators didn’t think them important enough to give an ending. Absolute shite! Also small point…..that kid is going to go splat like pizza sauce against whatever roof in on level 0 and our very own modern day Don Quixote is going to starve very slowly to death in the dark. An unsatisfying end to an unsatisfying film. I may have mentioned this before but….fuck this movie!

So please don’t watch this! If you want a clever take on socioeconomic politics then watch SnowPiercer or Parasite…..they are both miles and miles more superior that this stinking pile of garbage. And if your looking for an intriguing sci-fi prison like movie with an ambiguous ending….then watch Cube instead. Far better recommendations than wasting your time on this pretentious turd. You have been warned!


Very last point. The girl represents those born into poverty who don’t deserve it and are innocent victims of the system. But they fucked up that message with the weird cake shit! Avoid this rubbish please folks!



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