Halloween Kills (the franchise) – A Sweary Rant

***Warning*** HEAVY SPOILERS for Halloween Kills 2021. Normally I try to do an objective review and only cover tone and performances but this time around, I have to just vent. Major dumb plot points may be ruined....you have been warned!! Starting Point Halloween(2018) was far from perfect but it did feel like a step in … Continue reading Halloween Kills (the franchise) – A Sweary Rant

Home Brewing – Set the hooch loose!

Something completely different than what i usually post about and perhaps not the homebrewing content you were expecting! Less GitHub and more GetLit my friend! Here is a simple recipe for a very delicious hard cider that any fool can make......even me! Let me know in the comments at the end if this is content … Continue reading Home Brewing – Set the hooch loose!

Sky Glass TV – What is it all about?

Sky have recently announced their upcoming revolutionary product Sky Glass TV. Their promise is to combine all their tech together to de-clutter your house. No more satellite dishes, no more set top boxes with wires running from routers, no more extension leads ready to melt through the floor. Everything is now built into your brand … Continue reading Sky Glass TV – What is it all about?

Steamdeck – The Nintendo Switch Killer?

All Aboard With our Lord and Saviour Gabe Newell (CEO/Founder of Valve) bearing more than a striking resemblance to Santa it makes sense that he might deliver the perfect gamer gift this Christmas. Jumping two feet and half an arm into the handheld market with no fear. Bringing high end PC power plus the ridonculously … Continue reading Steamdeck – The Nintendo Switch Killer?

Free Guy(2021) – A Movie Review

Stories Untold Taking place inside a fictional video game world. Guy or Blue Shirt Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is blissfully unaware that he is an non player character (NPC) within Free City. His mundane life consists of being interrupted by sunglasses wearing people (human players) who blow up everything, kill everyone and rob the bank he … Continue reading Free Guy(2021) – A Movie Review

Assassins Creed Valhalla – A Joyless Waste of Time

So when I write a review i usually have a few rules. Steer clear of major plot points, discuss overall experience and how I feel about it and most importantly....complete the game/movie/tv show before writing anything. In Valhalla's case, I have to break my most important rule because after sinking 74 hours into this behemoth, … Continue reading Assassins Creed Valhalla – A Joyless Waste of Time

The Lost Pirate Kingdom – Series Review

Netflix recently released a six part docu-series chronicling the misadventures of Pirates and their way of life in the early 18th century. Focusing on the pirate republic base of Nassau and the surge of piracy after the war of the Spanish succession. High jinx and hijacks on the high seas!! Arrrr matey......let's get into it! … Continue reading The Lost Pirate Kingdom – Series Review