PSVR – My Top 5

Okay so since PSVR is such a new experience, I will list every game I’ve played so far before giving my top 5. I would fully expect this list to change as newer titles are released and also, I haven’t played every game yet (Skyrim is a good example of a game that would most likely make the list but I simply haven’t played it yet). Anyway, I hope you enjoy. As always, this is just personal opinion :

List of PSVR games I’ve played :

  • Diner Duo
  • Surgeon Simulator
  • Arkham VR
  • Starblood Arena
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Rush of Blood
  • I expect you to die
  • VR Worlds
  • Resident Evil 7
  • Ultrawings
  • Superhot VR
  • Accounting +
  • Rigs
  • Job Simulator
  • Rec Room
  • VR Room
  • Battlefront VR Mission
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Megaton Rainfall

And now my Top 5 (If you haven’t already figured out from the picture above) which are in no particular order :


Job Simulator

A humorous take on mundane jobs that is both really enjoyable to play and at times, laugh out loud funny! Jobs ranging from cook, shop assistant, office worker and even mechanic make for interesting and varied gameplay. The emphasis here is on fun and this game encourages the messer in all of us. Completing jobs while making a huge mess is good cartoony fun for all ages. It’s so enjoyable that I’m really looking forward to the recently announced ‘Vacation Simulator’ from the same developer.


Superhot Vr

Wow! Slick stylish yet simplistic graphics means this game looks the business without trying too hard. Essentially a puzzle game where the action only plays out as you move. It feels like you’re Neo in the matrix as you dodge bullets and disarm approaching enemies. The polygon style enemies and white washed backgrounds make for a stylish backdrop and suit the title well. Getting through each set piece is really satisfying and the quick restart if you die makes it addictive and hard to put down. You’ll work up quite a sweat acting out your cool hero moments but I guarantee you’ll be smiling when you’re finished.


Arkham Vr

This is the game I use to impress people. From the menu screen you can lean out over a balcony and glance down at a bustling Gotham City. The graphics are impressive and getting to don the cowl feels really impressive. Being an avid Batman fan, I loved throwing batarangs and shooting from scene to scene with my grappling hook. Essentially the majority of this very short title is a puzzle game. Solving mysteries and scanning items feels ho-tech and satisfying and rarely feels dull. The attention to detail is also very impressive. You can unlock character bios and look at their fully rendered character models. Something I love to get ‘newbies’ to do is have the Joker character up and select his ‘look’ cassette, you can lean right in to his face and his stare follows your head movements which is eerily detailed and unnerving. As a Vr experience the only gripe I have with Arkham is it’s length. It really needs to Dlc to expand it a little further. You will play through this in just over an hour and most likely complete on your first play through. Sure there a riddler trophys to collect after completion but this will only add maybe an hour or two to your experience. Brilliant but too short and left me wanting more!


Resident Evil 7

This will scare your pants off! A fully fledged game that can be played in Vr or normal (a very smart idea which more games should adopt), you feel helpless and underpowered for most of it as you wander around the Baker family home being chased and tortured by these sadistic surreal country folk. The first person perspective and the feeling of not quite knowing what’s going on are the real hook in this game. It’s terrifying with lots of jump scares and WTF moments and you really feel like you’re in there experiencing all this horror. Not for the faint hearted. The only let down is the final third or so of the story in an otherwise perfect game. The feeling of helplessness and uncertainty I felt during the first few hours of gameplay will stick with me and I recommend you get as many of your friends/victims to try this experience for themselves.


I Expect you to Die

Have you ever wanted to feel like James Bond? Well playing this hilarious room escape adventure will make you feel more like the bungling work experience boy at his first day on the job as you will inevitably die over and over again. However, that is half the fun! You try things, experiment, die and repeat until you complete each mission. The game itself has a wonderful 70’s vibe and borrows heavily from all the spy tropes we’ve come to love from watching old Bond films. The game mechanics are smart, allowing you to telepathically grab and manipulate objects in mid air meaning that you’re not relying on the move controllers to bring one to one motion at a pinch (smart move as controls can be quite janky). I enjoyed solving each level but my only criticism is, that once you’ve figured out how to complete a level, there is very little reason to go back and play it. Sure there are a few trophies to unlock but once you’re done, you’re done! They recently added a free dlc level and I would love to see more of this in the future to give this game more longevity.


And thats my list. Do you agree? Have a missed any gems? Definitely looking forward to upcoming titles like ‘Blood & Truth’ and ‘Knockout League’. What games are you looking forward to? Comment below



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