Super 64 – Dust off your Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 released in 1997 in Europe and by 2009 had sold almost 34 million units worldwide. It was considered revolutionary at the time for launching with a game featuring a fully realized 3d world and one very iconic plumber! The push for 3d pulled the games industry forward and on a personal note, … Continue reading Super 64 – Dust off your Nintendo 64

Palm Springs (2020) – A Review

A romantic comedy starring Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti & J.K Simmons. What better movie to watch when you're stuck on lockdown than a groundhog day-like movie featuring a guy who believes that life and consequence are meaningless and a girl who thinks love isn't real. Cheerful stuff indeed.........let's get into it!   Live Die Repeat … Continue reading Palm Springs (2020) – A Review

The Future of Gaming (June 4th) – Crazy Predictions

The CEO of Sony, Jim Ryan has confirmed an upcoming showcase for the Playstation 5 entitled 'The Future of Gaming'. The event will be held on June 4 and will run for over an hour. Not much else has been said except that it will focus on playable games available on PS5 on launch day. … Continue reading The Future of Gaming (June 4th) – Crazy Predictions