Hitting 40 – Tips on Life

So I am almost 40 and rather than have a mid-life crisis, buy skinny jeans, a beret and a shiny sports car, I decided to be a bit more sensible. I have put together of list of life tips that I try to follow to keep my head straight. They definitely aren't original and some … Continue reading Hitting 40 – Tips on Life

Palm Springs (2020) – A Review

A romantic comedy starring Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti & J.K Simmons. What better movie to watch when you're stuck on lockdown than a groundhog day-like movie featuring a guy who believes that life and consequence are meaningless and a girl who thinks love isn't real. Cheerful stuff indeed.........let's get into it!   Live Die Repeat … Continue reading Palm Springs (2020) – A Review