Star Wars Episode IX – Predictions

So hopefully later this year our theories will be laid to rest. Those that loved or hated episode eight will at last have a conclusion to the trilogy. Below are a list of crazy/genius predictions I have made about the conclusion of JJ Abrams story. Enjoy!


BB-8 Be-Be-Gone!

Okay starting with an emotional one here. I think BB-8 will die/explode/cease to function! Possibly in a heroic act that will tug at the heart strings. But yes, I think the cute little ball of fun will get deflated!


Rey & Kylo will Kiss

Building on their love/hate relationship over the last two movies, I think their love will blossom in this one (although only momentarily). I think they will share an onscreen kiss followed by possible confusion and the need to kill each other! Isn’t love a grand & complicated thing!


Luke Skywalker – Ghost Jedi

Considering the first of the new movies featured Han’s arc coming to an end. The second featured Luke’s and I guess the plan was for the third to feature Leia’s ultimate demise. However, now that Carrie Fisher has passed on (Rest in peace), it seems most likely that Luke may feature more prominently in this final movie as a Jedi ghost. Possibly offering wisdom and guidance to Rey and co that would have originally come from Leia if things had worked out.


New Toy Line

Okay so we’ve had E-woks and BB-8s and Porgs and now I’m guessing they’ll either create a new cuddly toy/creature or offer newer versions of the porgs for us to buy. Perhaps Chewie’s new co-pilot will sport different costumes in the movie for an added cash grab opportunity!


Rey & Kylo Final Battle

My favorite prediction is that ultimately Rey & Kylo will realize they can’t be together and they each represent opposite sides of this ongoing battle. This will lead to hopefully an epic light saber battle where I think Kylo will fail (perhaps by choice/self sacrifice) and allow the light side of the force to triumph. Or a more popular idea is that Rey is the stronger of the two as she has uniquely been able to harness both light and dark sides of the force to become the ultimate warrior who can balance light and dark and be a true master.


Snoke gets no backstory

As much as I want this to be wrong, I just don’t think it’s relevant enough for the final episode. Snoke will remain an enigma and we won’t learn any more about his past or his powers. His story arc began and ended within the first two movies. Fanatic pitch-forks at the ready folks!



And that’s enough wild speculations for one day. What do you think? Did Rian Johnson ruin all the plot points set up by JJ Abrams and now he’s left picking up the pieces? Do you have your own crazy predictions for the final episode in the trilogy? Is Kylo’s arc from sulky emo to Galactic leader satisfying? Let me know in the comments below!


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