Virtual Reality Goes Wireless!

Recently leaked details from a Sony patent has shown a promising future for VR. The patent which has been granted, outlines a wire free headset.

Speculation is rife but it seems clear that the next generation of Virtual reality headsets coming from Sony will be less restrictive. This is a huge step forward in immersion for users and is definitely a welcome and necessary evolution for the tech.

Having no wires means users will have more freedom of movement and won’t be encumbered with wires and potential tripping hazards.

Also, the fact that Sony has pushed for the patent means that they are still heavily invested in Vr technology and hopefully will continue to bring innovations and gaming excellence to the mainstream.


Are you looking forward to PSVR2? Would freedom of movement attract a larger player base? Are we one step closer to entering the Oasis? Let me know in the comments below


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