Spyro Remastered – Enter the Dragon!

It has now officially been confirmed that later this year, we will be able to enjoy the original ‘Spyro the Dragon’ trilogy on PS4. Probably owing a lot to the recent success of the remastered Crash Bandicoot series, we can now look forward to Activision developing a remastered version of ‘Spyro the Dragon’, ‘Ripto’s Rage’ & ‘Year of the Dragon’. Promising supped up graphical enhancements, superior sound quality and a revamped soundtrack it’s clear that retro chic is now in season. The original Spyro is celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary in September so it would make sense to release this remaster in the same month but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. What has been confirmed is that some unused levels that didn’t make the original cut will be in this new remaster and also it will launch as a Playstation 4 exclusive (Similar to Crash which still hasn’t been released on any other system)


So what are your thoughts, is there a market for gaming revamps? What series would you most like to see get a make-over and a relaunch? Comment below

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