Drunkn Bar Fight – PSVR

What can I say about a VR fighting simulator set in a pub? Well it sounds like it’s something right up my street. The trailers made it look like a lot of silly fun and I was really excited to play it. So much so that when I heard it was available already in the US store, I purchased a copy on my US account. (Ssssh….don’t tell Shuhei Yoshida!)

Initially, it was exactly as I had hoped. Goofy physics and bar room brawling fun. But after about ten minutes the cracks begin to show. There is no real content in this game! You pick up whatever is around you and you hit guys with it…..and that’s it. After the first twenty minutes I had pretty much seen everything there was to see!

Now, I wasn’t expecting much. The game only cost $12 but if I’m honest it’s probably not even worth that. It feels unfinished and almost like a demo or a beta test version. There are no turning mechanics so you have to move back and forward and turn your head if you want to change your path. The graphics are awful and the gameplay just feels broken. There isn’t really a game here, you play each level but don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.

It may sound harsh but it’s games like this that give VR a bad reputation. The phrases ‘tech demo’ and ‘experience’ have already tarnished a lot of first impressions. We need polished finished games with decent storylines and interesting campaigns that last more than one sitting. We have gotten a few titles that can be classed as great games already but they’ve been few and far between. If we become accepting of games like ‘Drunkn Bar Fight’ then we’re giving a green light to developers to release short, broken gameplay experiences that really belong in the ‘free’ section on Steam!

Am I being too harsh? Should I just accept it as the few minutes of fun it was made to be? What upcoming game gives you hope? Comments below

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