The Invitation (2015) – Movie Review


*****No Spoilers*****


Starring ‘Logan Marshall Green’ and directed by ‘Karyn Kusama’ this is a tense thriller that slipped me by on it’s release back in 2015.

Now available on Netflix and amassing high critical praise, I decided to check it out. I was not disappointed!


The premise

A grieving man named Will accepts an invitation to a dinner party from his ex-wife and her new partner. They have not been in contact in over two years after a tragic incident which isn’t first revealed. Along with distant friends and his new girlfriend, Will starts an unsettling night.



This is by no means a horror, nor does it rely on jump scares or camera trickery. This is a tense story that plays out slowly and feels off-putting. Everything seems a little bit strange and the viewer’s paranoia is matched by onscreen protagonist Logan Marshall Green. Is he going crazy or is there something not quite right about this dinner party?


Last Supper

The success of the piece rests entirely on smart writing and keeping the viewer guessing. Everything on screen feels slightly uncomfortable and the viewer is left guessing as to whether there is something sinister lurking or whether or not the main star is losing his mind. It is taut and unsettling and always keeps you wondering. Special mention has to go to the superb performance by ‘John Carroll Lynch’ who was truly terrifying in every scene (even when not trying to be).



I won’t reveal anything but I enjoyed the ending very much.  I can imagine some may not however. It wasn’t over complicated and because what came before was so well acted and drip fed to us in such a clever way, I was left impressed by the somewhat straight forward reveal. For me, it was a satisfying conclusion.


One to Watch

It’s not often a thriller holds my attention as well as ‘The Invitation’ and I found this more satisfying to watch than most modern horror films out there. As I stated above, it’s not really a horror but it’s definitely unsettling and tackles subjects of grief and acceptance with maturity and grit.


I truly enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to most. It will linger in your mind long after the credits roll.

Check it out on Netflix now. No beers necessary!


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