Gun Violence – Why are Video Games Getting the Blame?

So I think we can all agree the recent violent shootings across America have been numerous, tragic and devastating for anyone close to any of the victims. These acts of violence are truly atrocious and something needs to change. The reflex reaction to something so vile is to look to someone or something to blame. … Continue reading Gun Violence – Why are Video Games Getting the Blame?


Zero Latency – Full VR Immersion

Zero Latency is a relatively new arrival here in Ireland who offer different VR packages for customers to enjoy. Located in the Industrial park in Sandyford, Zero Latency offers an impressive VR service and guarantees fun for all! Myself and a group of friends booked in for the Zombie package  known as 'Outbreak Origins' which … Continue reading Zero Latency – Full VR Immersion

Virtual Reality Goes Wireless!

Recently leaked details from a Sony patent has shown a promising future for VR. The patent which has been granted, outlines a wire free headset. Speculation is rife but it seems clear that the next generation of Virtual reality headsets coming from Sony will be less restrictive. This is a huge step forward in immersion … Continue reading Virtual Reality Goes Wireless!