Retro Review – Krull (1983)

Premise Set on the high fantasy sci-fi planet of Krull, a young Prince must recuse the kidnapped Princess from 'the beast' a powerful being from another planet. With the help of a rag-tag crew and a powerful weapon, Colwyn (played by Ken Marshall) sets out on the adventure of a lifetime!   Rocky Start Okay … Continue reading Retro Review – Krull (1983)


Epic Games Store – Set to Topple Steam?

Epic Games Store Front Last month saw the launch of 'Epic Games' very own store front. Similar to steam, they offer a platform for game developers to sell their games digitally. This allows gamers to buy PC games online and download them directly to their systems. Buying online usually means cheaper prices for consumers and … Continue reading Epic Games Store – Set to Topple Steam?

Retro Review – Midnight Sting (1992)

Overview 'Midnight Sting' or as it's probably better known in the US 'Diggstown' stars James Woods as a fast talking con-man looking to pull off a big hustle against an evil man. Set in the fictional Diggstown, Gabriel Caine (James Woods) a recently released ex-con sets his sights of taking down the unspoken ruler of … Continue reading Retro Review – Midnight Sting (1992)

Tech Stuff – Must have Apks for your Android Tv Box

Since Judge rulings in Europe and Mark Zuckerberg's outspoken views on streaming, 'Kodi' have become a dirty word. More and more people are seeking stand alone apks  for their viewings needs rather than going through the extra steps and stigma of using Kodi. Below are a list of Apks currently working very well......enjoy! (VPN is … Continue reading Tech Stuff – Must have Apks for your Android Tv Box

Red Dead Redemption 2 – My Game of the Year 2018

Huge warning!!!! SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. I will be covering parts of the story and the ending so please don't read on if you don't want the story line spoiled for have been warned! I rolled credits after many many hours of game play and stand at 86% total completion. Here's why it's my game … Continue reading Red Dead Redemption 2 – My Game of the Year 2018

Why did Netflix cancel Daredevil?

So we recently received the shocking news that Daredevil on Netflix is done! After a stellar Season 3 it comes as a surprise to most that the story isn't continuing into a Season 4 and beyond! Daredevil is no more.....let the wild speculation begin! Mixed Season Ratings Daredevil is without a doubt one of the … Continue reading Why did Netflix cancel Daredevil?