Oculus Rift S – Hands on Review

I was lucky enough to get my new Rift delivered a week ago. Since then I've sunk a bit of time experimenting with it and here are my conclusions so far   Initial Setup Gripes I think I was very unlucky here and really I can't fault the Rift itself. There are only two cables … Continue reading Oculus Rift S – Hands on Review

Zero Latency – Full VR Immersion

Zero Latency is a relatively new arrival here in Ireland who offer different VR packages for customers to enjoy. Located in the Industrial park in Sandyford, Zero Latency offers an impressive VR service and guarantees fun for all! Myself and a group of friends booked in for the Zombie package  known as 'Outbreak Origins' which … Continue reading Zero Latency – Full VR Immersion

Virtual Reality Goes Wireless!

Recently leaked details from a Sony patent has shown a promising future for VR. The patent which has been granted, outlines a wire free headset. Speculation is rife but it seems clear that the next generation of Virtual reality headsets coming from Sony will be less restrictive. This is a huge step forward in immersion … Continue reading Virtual Reality Goes Wireless!

XBox Live for Everyone!!

Yesterday Microsoft revealed the news that they are making their rather successful 'XBox Live Services' available on other platforms. Nintendo Switch, iOS & Android are all on board and it means cross platform play is a much simpler prospect for all games including third party across many different devices. Add to this the integration of … Continue reading XBox Live for Everyone!!

The PlayStation Classic – An essential flop!

So the PlayStation Classic launched last year in December to little or no fan fare. The twenty games built-in weren't Sony's best and didn't feel like essential buying for gamers. Also the asking price was €110 here in Ireland which is quite expensive. Naturally enough, critics tore it apart and rightly so. This was a … Continue reading The PlayStation Classic – An essential flop!

Tech News – Picking an Android Tv Box made easy!

Powerful 2.0 GHz octa-core processor. 3 GB of memory and 32 GB of ROM. Supports 2.4 and 5.0 GHz WiFi. 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet. Latest Android 7.1 OS. Compatible with the latest version of KODI. Sounds confusing right? Lot's of numbers and letters and computer BS!! There are hundreds of Android Tv box options out there and it … Continue reading Tech News – Picking an Android Tv Box made easy!

Epic Games Store – Set to Topple Steam?

Epic Games Store Front Last month saw the launch of 'Epic Games' very own store front. Similar to steam, they offer a platform for game developers to sell their games digitally. This allows gamers to buy PC games online and download them directly to their systems. Buying online usually means cheaper prices for consumers and … Continue reading Epic Games Store – Set to Topple Steam?