Retro Review – Eliminators (1986)

The Premise A 'Mandroid' returns from a time travelling mission to find that his creator 'Reeves' wants to dismantle him. Fleeing instead with help from Reeve's assistant (who dies in the process) he seeks out scientist Nora Hunter (played by Denise Crosby) whose tech was used to help create him. He then looks to return … Continue reading Retro Review – Eliminators (1986)


Retro Review – Midnight Sting (1992)

Overview 'Midnight Sting' or as it's probably better known in the US 'Diggstown' stars James Woods as a fast talking con-man looking to pull off a big hustle against an evil man. Set in the fictional Diggstown, Gabriel Caine (James Woods) a recently released ex-con sets his sights of taking down the unspoken ruler of … Continue reading Retro Review – Midnight Sting (1992)