Oculus Quest – VR for Everyone!

Vr lately has almost always been labelled as a niche market for enthusiasts and early adopters. But with the launch of Oculus Quest it seems the industry is trying to change that. Are we looking at a successful VR product that has appeal to a mass market? Let's find out!   No Barriers The biggest … Continue reading Oculus Quest – VR for Everyone!

Virtual Reality Goes Wireless!

Recently leaked details from a Sony patent has shown a promising future for VR. The patent which has been granted, outlines a wire free headset. Speculation is rife but it seems clear that the next generation of Virtual reality headsets coming from Sony will be less restrictive. This is a huge step forward in immersion … Continue reading Virtual Reality Goes Wireless!

Psvr Move 2.0 – The Force is strong with this one!

Sony are notorious for filing patents for just about everything. However lately their patent for a new Psvr Move controller has gotten some limelight. I wrote about this patent earlier last year however some more details have come to light which make for very interesting reading. If you would like to read my original article, … Continue reading Psvr Move 2.0 – The Force is strong with this one!

The PlayStation Classic – An essential flop!

So the PlayStation Classic launched last year in December to little or no fan fare. The twenty games built-in weren't Sony's best and didn't feel like essential buying for gamers. Also the asking price was €110 here in Ireland which is quite expensive. Naturally enough, critics tore it apart and rightly so. This was a … Continue reading The PlayStation Classic – An essential flop!

Epic Games Store – Set to Topple Steam?

Epic Games Store Front Last month saw the launch of 'Epic Games' very own store front. Similar to steam, they offer a platform for game developers to sell their games digitally. This allows gamers to buy PC games online and download them directly to their systems. Buying online usually means cheaper prices for consumers and … Continue reading Epic Games Store – Set to Topple Steam?

Red Dead Redemption 2 – My Game of the Year 2018

Huge warning!!!! SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. I will be covering parts of the story and the ending so please don't read on if you don't want the story line spoiled for you.......you have been warned! I rolled credits after many many hours of game play and stand at 86% total completion. Here's why it's my game … Continue reading Red Dead Redemption 2 – My Game of the Year 2018