Sony Win E3 2019 – By not showing up!

Okay so this may come across as negative and a little cynical but I feel that Sony deciding to bow out of this year's E3 was a smart progressive decision. Below I will list the reasons why:   Dated Format For years E3 has struggled to keep up with media consumption. The old tact of … Continue reading Sony Win E3 2019 – By not showing up!


Playstation Classic – Size Matters!

Just announced officially yesterday by Sony, we can enjoy a playstation classic in time for Christmas. The mini version will come with 20 playstation one games built in. It will have two wired joypads and a hdmi output. The only games confirmed so far are: Final Fantasy 7, Ridge Racer 4, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash … Continue reading Playstation Classic – Size Matters!

Uncharted – A short film

Earlier today a fan made short was put out over the internet featuring none other than 'Nathan Fillion' playing the beloved Nathan Drake from the Uncharted gaming series. Directed by Allan Ungar and also starring 'Stephen Lang' as Sully, Mircea Monroe as Elena and the absolute badass 'Geno Segers' (the ultimate villian from tv series … Continue reading Uncharted – A short film