Sky Glass TV – What is it all about?

Sky have recently announced their upcoming revolutionary product Sky Glass TV. Their promise is to combine all their tech together to de-clutter your house. No more satellite dishes, no more set top boxes with wires running from routers, no more extension leads ready to melt through the floor. Everything is now built into your brand new Sky Glass TV! Let’s get into it!!

Wire Cutting

For years ‘cutting the cord’ has meant getting rid of your tv subscriptions and switching to VOD or Internet TV but not anymore. Sky’s new smart tv set comes in three sizes to suit all households 43inch, 55inch and 65inch. The smart device promises to integrate all your other subscriptions such as Netflix, Disney+and Spotify to name a few. Similar to their recent SkyQ box, you will be able to access a wide range of third party apps through voice control or menu navigation. The thinking behind Sky Glass TV is simple…..keep everything in one place. No need for your google chrome or fire tv stick anymore as you new Glass TV will have all your apps built in.

That’s Sound

It doesn’t stop there either. Sky also promise you can bin your sound bar too. Every Sky Glass TV will come with high quality built in surround sound and a 4k Ultra resolution screen made with nano crystal using Quantum Dot display. I don’t know what any of that means….but it sounds good! The idea that this product involves just one plug and one wire is extremely appealing to anyone who cares even a little about the mess of cables behind their entertainment unit.

Subscription Price

The best news for me though personally is that there is no large upfront fee. Depending on the model size you choose, the price is added as a monthly surplus charge to your current subscription. The smallest model will add an extra 13GBP to your monthly bill, where the largest will add 21GBP. These payments are interest free according to Sky although it hasn’t been made clear how long the repayments will last for or whether or not you own your device outright or is it strictly the property of Sky? Add to that the rather impressive environmental rating of the new sets. This is officially the first ‘carbon neutral’ tv on the market which will keep Greta off your back for a while! Oh….did I mention it comes in five different colours?

Future Proof

Sky’s vision doesn’t end there. They have plans in the future to integrate a smart camera which will allow you to have shared interactive viewing experiences with your friends or loved ones remotely. In today’s current lockdown environment, this is a really smart idea. Being able to watch you favorite soaps or a football match with friends remotely means you can still have social interactions without leaving your couch. Nice one.

Launching in the UK on 18th October and to other countries early 2022, the future seems incredibly close.

Are you interested in Sky Glass TV? Would the extra monthly charge push you over the edge? Will it only appeal to new buyers looking for a TV set? Let me know in the comments below

2 thoughts on “Sky Glass TV – What is it all about?

  1. Well I’ve been looking for a reason to leave Sky and this is it, ever heard of putting all your eggs in one basket? Limited to just 65 inches is just one issue for this stupid TV idea, we don’t all want to watch what Sky thinks we should, the TV will never be able to reproduce Dolby Atmos correctly, you should leave that to home cinema experts or go to the cinema, a much better experience. Sound bars are hopeless most of the time too for true audio performance and we don’t all have good internet connectivity which even if you do have , it can only deliver 1/10th of the bandwidth available from Ultra HD 4k discs giving a far superior performance and I own the movie not just a license!.., this medium may be considered by some to be a ‘dying breed’ but the last thing I would want to do is buy a smaller TV than my room needs, for too much money and have limited performance and at the same time be tied to what Sky want to deliver to me rather than what I would like to have which is CHOICE, of whoever my provider shall be, with great audio performance and screen technology which will absolutely supersede the Sky Glass TV less than 6 months after its launch. What do I do then? If Sky want to LOSE customers this is the quickest way to achieve it. This solution will be reserved for those soap opera viewers or customers who don’t have true performance at the top of their agenda. I need flexibility and the ability to keep up with the changes of the broadcasting world which will happen much quicker than you renewing your new Sky Glass all in one box TV! Good luck I’m off Sky and thanks for the heads up, do you have any technical or innovation team anymore or are you being run by accountants still? This is about tying or trapping a customer into another of your infamous complicated contracts not innovation or wires in my lounge, who are you trying to kid here? This is the real reason you are loosing customers , your complicated tariff, have you ever bothered to ask your customers how easy it is to deal with you , how many of us battle each year for hours on the phone to renew our contracts at a fair price? This is where the complications are not the wires in our lounge, you have it sooo wrong!


    1. I love your passion Steve and your articulate points are well made. I definitely think Sky Glass is marketed towards more casual viewers or perhaps new sign ups who might not already have their houses furnished (new buyers, renters, students etc.) It will be interesting to see if it is a popular idea once it launches in Ireland. I suspect it won’t receive huge support as many (like yourself) are fed up with the high subscription prices and are already looking towards android devices and IPTV subscriptions that are far more competitive. Thank you for sharing your passionate response, I really enjoyed your fresh take……cheers!


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