E3 2021 Crazy Predictions

With E3 just around the corner it’s that time of year for me again. Time to pray to Jesus, whisper incantations and drink moonshine while throwing tarot cards in the air! Or I could put together a list of heavily researched and sensible predictions based on hard work and rumors but either way I’ll get them all completely wrong. Let’s go!

God of War Closes the show for Sony

With GOW2 almost completed it would be shocking if we didn’t get a nice chunky piece of gameplay. Knowing Sony’s love for Santa Monica I can imagine they would like to end their conference on a high with Kratos kicking all kinds of ass. Kratos going toe to toe with Thor while a moody teenage Loki perhaps filling out an ‘Odin Adoption Agency’ application form….what’s not to love?

Ubisoft resurrects Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft have been an absolute beast at releasing hit after hit lately. They have so many tried and tested franchises now with installments releasing more regularly than a Granny sipping prune juice! It would be great to see something substantial of Beyond 2. We’ve seen lots of concept stuff, models and even cutscenes in the past but it has been radio silence on the whole project for far too long. It seems unlikely though that they’ve cancelled it altogether as they have been hitting home runs constantly with their releases lately. It’s about time to dust off Jade’s family tree and show us something new and hopefully something resembling gameplay!

Rockstar announces GTA6

Okay so this is more wish fulfillment than actually something that is likely to happen. Rockstar typically stay away from E3 and make their own announcements but it is still a possibility. Now that Dan Houser has stepped down to swim in his vast piles of money, perhaps Rockstar will handle their PR differently. Timing wise we are certainly overdue a new GTA. GTA5 has been released on three generations of consoles which is almost laughable at this stage. Give the punters what they want…..show us a new GTA. While we’re at it, base it on a re-imagined Amish town. Mennonite packing dynamite is a recipe for success! Just a thought!

Bioshock Sneak Peak

We know the next Bioshock game is currently in development which is all kinds of awesome. We also know that Ken Levine is not involved with the project which is all kinds of sucky. Still, the foundations are there for something incredible and hopefully Cloud Chamber Studios can deliver the goods. Very unlikely to see anything beyond concept or perhaps a teaser trailer at this early stage but anything at all would be welcome.

Bluepoint Games Latest Project Reveal

Bluepoint Games are absolutely amazing at remasters. They could make Rick Dangerous look like a new Uncharted game! With ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ and ‘Demon Souls’ remasters highlighting their obvious talents it would be amazing to see what they have coming next for us. Many believe they might be working on Metal Gear Solid which I would love to see as it’s one that passed me by first time around. However I’d be happy with any of their re-imaginings as they always manage to deliver outstanding graphics and modernize the gameplay to create fresh adventures for a new generation of gamers. Maniac Mansion, Monster Bash, Ikari Warriors, Flashback……they should hire me to pump out the ideas! Also, if you know any of those titles….you’re clearly very old!

Kevin Butler Returns

Again pure wish fulfillment. Kevin Butler’s speech at E3 2010 is still my all time favorite E3 moment. It may go down in history as the single greatest/funniest inspirational speech ever. Absolute comedy gold. Seriously look up ‘Kevin Butler Owns E3’ on YouTube for yourself…..it’s a cracker! Would be amazing to see him return & as he led the ‘Playstation Move’ ad campaign way back when, it would be amazing to see him reveal specs for PSVR2. It’ll never happen but it’s been over 10 years so who knows.

That’s my lot folks. What are your crazy predictions? Is Sam Fisher ever coming back? What about Bully 2 or a sequel to Sleeping Dogs? Could we possibly get another Fifa game this year?……..crazy I know!!! Let me know in the comments below.

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