Psvr 2.0 – A Virtual Tomorrow

Going against hints dropped by Sony CEO, the next generation of virtual reality is more imminent than first suggested! Sony recently revealed that a new virtual reality kit was in development for the PS5 and although not coming this year, the reveal of the new move controllers would suggest than it’s sooner than we first thought. Let’s get into it!

Where it all Began

Psvr released in 2016 and was a huge but flawed leap forward for VR fans. For the first time it put VR into the homes of not just VR early adopters with deep pockets but in the hands of casual gamers. The entry point for VR had suddenly become reasonably priced and obtainable to millions. No beefy PC, no massive dedicated playing area, no clunky peripherals were needed. Anyone with a PS4 and a few hundred quid could get involved in an impressive VR experience. Sony even smartly used old PS3 gear such as the move cameras and controllers which made it even easier for people to get involved. The use of these date peripherals was a great cost saver but also restricted what the PSVR could do. No analog sticks made in game movement a hurdle for all VR game developers and although the ps4 is quite a decent console, it lacked the processing power to provide 4k resolution with a high enough refresh rate. Even the most stalwart vr players would suffer from motion sickness after any long stints of immersion. All in all, it was a brilliant gateway to get gamers into the vr space without costing the earth but lacked longevity.

Advances in VR

Since PSVR, VR equipment in general has become more powerful and more affordable. The Oculus Quest took the entry level requirements down further by being a stand alone kit (no console or PC needed) and the likes of the Vive and the Rift S showed the world that really impressive gaming coupled with intuitive controllers and accurate position tracking could be achieved at a higher price point. Half-Life Alyx remains one of the best gaming experience of a generation!

So what’s next? The thoughts of Sony with a large player base and innovative gaming developers behind them creating again for VR is exciting. Not bound by old tech but instead designing equipment alongside one of the most powerful consoles on the planet is amazing to ponder. The reveal this week of their new VR controllers shows how far they have come in a short few years.

PS5 Tech

Adopting similar tech from their new dualsense controller, the VR handhelds boast adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and finger position tracking to name a few features. The design also seems more in line with HTC and Oculus controllers with the halo ring for more accurate tracking. Add to this some analog control sticks and we may be looking at a truly immersive gaming experience

We are still possibly far off the next VR launch for Sony as it has been confirmed that it won’t release this year but we can hope for a quarter 1 release in 2022 perhaps? Sony have said they will get controller kits into developers hands very soon so we can only hope! One thing seems certain….the future seems bright for all us PS fans.

What are your thoughts? Is Microsoft simply not interested in VR or are they hiding something? Will Resident Evil Village get a VR update and scare us all half to death? Let me know in the comments below

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