RockStar VR – Triple A Game

So it has come to light in the last week that ‘VideoGames Deluxe’ are developing a ‘AAA’ game for none other than Rockstar! The Sydney based studio have had a long partnership with Rockstar and have worked on ports of LA Noire for current gen consoles and also the VR game LA Noire : The VR Case Files. It’s exciting to hear that they are developing something new for Rockstar but what is it?


Guessing Game

The only information confirmed is that it will be a Triple A open world VR game. And that’s it! Everything beyond that is pure imagination but it’s definitely a whole pile of fun to guess. Will it be a new title or will it be a sequel or perhaps just a port to VR of an existing title? Let the wild speculation begin!



This for me is the safest bet. As many PC players are aware, if you look up certain mods you can already play GTA V in VR. The amount of work put into this mod is simply staggering and it is definitely a fun world to immerse yourself in. Not for the queezy though, even if you have found your VR sea legs, this version of GTA VR will give you motion sickness after even a short visit. Unfortunate but the dedication shown from the modding community and the fan base proves that a version of GTA V in Virtual Reality would be widely accepted. Another reason to believe that this game may be GTA VR is how much love the studio have put into this game. The constant online updates and ports from last gen to this shows that Rockstar is reluctant to let go of it’s baby. The reveal that GTA Online will be free on launch for PS5 players also indicates that Rockstar intend to stretch plenty of more life out of this nearly seven year old game.


Red Dead Redemption VR

Red dead one or two, take your pick! I feel the highly detailed world of Red Dead 2 would be glorious in VR although I have serious doubts of how it could run well on anything except the most high end PC. It would be absolutely perfect though as it’s a slow paced beautiful open world that begs to be explored in VR. Red Dead one would also be a fantastic addition and more probable as I believe it could run well even on PSVR. Stepping into John Marston’s shoes and revisiting an old well worn classic is very appealing and certainly enough time has passed that Red Dead one could attract old players as well as new. A remastered VR version would be very welcome indeed (although I’m turning it off early if I have to play as Jack!)


LA Noire 2

Please God no! I would completely understand if it turned out to be a sequel to LA Noire. VideoGames Deluxe have spent years porting the original to current gen consoles and also developed LA Noire VR : The VR Case Files so it would make sense to continue working on what has essentially been their bread and butter. This would not thrill me though as I find LA Noire extremely dull and have no desire to revisit that world again. I also think as a gaming studio, they are most likely burnt out on making LA Noire games (fingers crossed) and hopefully want to work on a newer more exciting project!


New Game

My last guess. A totally new adventure might be a great idea. The likes of ‘BoneWorks’ and ‘Half-Life : Alyx’ have proven how far VR experiences have evolved. A triple ‘A’ game built from the ground up for VR is an exciting idea. I also think that Rockstar would not put their name on a new IP if they weren’t confident that the Sydney studio could deliver. Big budget, immersive worlds, realistic physics and great storytelling are main staples in all recent Rockstar titles and to see them release something new for VR would really sign a light on this growing platform. (Also wouldn’t hurt if Sony announced PSVR2 for PS5………..just saying!)



So what do you think?? Are we getting something new, something old or something lazy? Maybe is just Table Tennis VR! Let me know in the comments below!



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