The Future of Gaming (June 4th) – Crazy Predictions

The CEO of Sony, Jim Ryan has confirmed an upcoming showcase for the Playstation 5 entitled ‘The Future of Gaming’. The event will be held on June 4 and will run for over an hour. Not much else has been said except that it will focus on playable games available on PS5 on launch day. Let the crazy predictions commence! Here are my top 5 tin foil hat leaps of logic, enjoy :


1. Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel closes the Show

Probably my strongest safe bet, I suspect ‘Guerilla Games’ sequel to the much beloved Horizon game will close out the showcase. Hopefully we’ll get a couple of minutes of game play followed by a sizzle highlight reel to end the show on a high. It’s not a huge jump in logic to expect it as a launch title as the gang behind the Killzone franchise have launched most of Sony’s previous consoles.


2. Price Reveal & Release Date

Again not a huge stretch of the imagine that both these details should be shared but it’s fun to guess both. I suspect the console launch price will be 450USD (about 50 dollars more expensive than PS4 launch price) and the date of release will be 14th November 2020. The last two PS consoles launched in the second week of November and both were at the weekend so hear is hoping they stick to tradition!


3. Insomniac Unveil Spiderman Sequel

Unlikely to show game play footage but a reveal trailer wouldn’t be unexpected. Marvel’s Spider-Man launched in 2018 to great success and a sequel is inevitable. It would be great to see the web slinger benefiting from superior loading times and beefed up processing power to allow for more extreme speeds and fluid movement. Add to that a heart felt story like the original and you’re on to a winner!



4. God of War II

Again, with only two years since the original game, it’s unlikely that Santa Monica Studios have done much but a teaser and perhaps some concept art or game mechanic reveals would be greatly appreciated. It’s a foregone conclusion that a sequel is on the way after the smash hit success of 2018. I can’t wait to see what Cory Barlog and team can come up with, a brutish take on Thor and Loki tales would be tantalizing to say the least! I fully expect the current God of War story to develop over a trilogy with Kratos meeting his maker at the end but who am I to make such demands! Only the Norse Gods can control Kratos’ fate!


5. Ubisoft new/old Game Reveal

I think Ubisoft will feature heavily. Most likely bigger reveals of game play and cinematics for both Watchdogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (colons are in this season!) will be offered but I’m hoping for more. I suspect a Splinter Cell reboot reveal trailer to show up at some point. With no new additions to the franchise since 2013, it seems crazy that we haven’t had Sam Fisher lurking in the shadows for so long. The 3D audio sound effect of the night vision goggles firing up as the ray tracing lighting of the lime green triple head lights kicks in will make a lot of fans go wild! Sam is a well established Playstation hero who would be welcomed warmly on next generation consoles.


And that’s it…..all 5 predictions! I didn’t have time to mention Hideo Kojima announcing a new game or CD Projekt Red showing exclusive PS5 content for CyberPunk 2077. I also whole heartedly wish that Kevin Butler will show up with a ridiculous over the top speech but that’s unlikely!


What are you hoping for? Do you think PSVR2 will happen? Is Gran Turismo the 100th sequel a likely addition to the platform? Let me know in the comments below!



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