Fuck CoronaVirus – 7 Things you can do if on lockdown

It’s a scary world at the moment with lots of uncertainty on how bad things may get. Acting responsibly with good hygiene and self isolation where possible seem to be the order of the day. But once you’ve locked the doors, bolted the windows and pulled the curtains…..what next? Here are a few things you can do to occupy your mind and keep yourself positive. Also….fuck the CoronaVirus!



With regular new content being added monthly and a company hell bent on fighting off the competition, it’s never been a better time to subscribe to or jump back into Netflix. With high quality original content and a vast library of films, documentaries and tv box sets, you’ll easily burn through hours of entertainment with just the click of a button.



Speaking of the competition, the mighty mouse is coming March 24th worldwide (mostly). With a ridiculously low subscription price and a vast catalog it’s definitely an exciting time. Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Pixar, Fox Entertainment, National Geographic are just a few of the entertainment giants that currently fall under the Disney umbrella. Boasting more than 500 films and 7500 tv episodes, it’s an exciting time to catch up on classics and also check our the cream of the crop of original content.


Plan a Trip

Obviously don’t aim for setting a date but planning a trip for the future gives us all something to look forward to. Use ‘Google’, ‘Yelp’ and ‘Trip Advisor’ and really spend the time to pin point an experience that is tailored towards your tastes. Plot out places to eat and activities/tours to partake in. With time on your hands, you can plan the best holiday experience of your life and give yourself that little something special to aim towards.


Read a Book or Listen to one

Now is a great chance to catch up on some reading. Whether you get around to a book growing dust on your shelf or order some light reading online, it’s a great way to keep your mind sharp. ‘The Book Depository’ always has offers online and currently are offering up to 40% discounts on bestsellers which is too good to miss. If reading isn’t for you then consider audio books. ‘Audible’ offers a free 30 day trial and it’s catalog of books is simply staggering. Well worth checking out and a great way to exercise your mind.


Finish your to-do list

Everyone has one. Those crappy jobs around the house that you’ve been putting off for ages. Write them all out and get them done. Crossing them off the list will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you active. Very important for a healthy mind.


Family Time

Sure you might drive each other crazy most of the time and if cabin fever sets in, nerves will become strained. Set aside time for group activities and fun. Board games, arts & crafts, story time, jigsaws and puzzles are all good ways to interact together in a positive way and keep yourselves active.


Stay off Social Media

Minimizing the amount you use Social Media is very important to maintain a positive attitude. Social media is brilliant for dancing cats, Morgan Freeman Memes and chatting to friends but not much else. It is a cess pit of misinformation and negative opinions. Keep educated and informed about the virus from reliable sources like reputable news channels and health services and not from sites like Facebook. Be sensible and ignore the scaremongering messages online.


That’s all I got for you folks. Please stay safe out there and think of others before you make decisions.

Wash your hands

Reduce contact with others

Listen to the health professionals

Be good to each other


Links for some of the sites mentioned are below :













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