Retro Horror – Friday the 13th Part VI

I have seen most but not all of the Jason Voorhees saga over the years but my all time favorite installment is Part VI – Jason Lives! Over the top gore, supernatural powers, quirky characters & a likeable Tommy Jarvis all add up to an entertaining romp. A must watch this Halloween.


Crazy Plot

A big shift in storytelling here. The plot is ridiculous and a whole lot of fun. A very dead Jason gets brought back to life by our all American hero Tommy by mistake (way to go Tommy!). This newer, stronger undead version of Jason goes on an absolute romp of carnage with equal parts gore and humor mixed together in all the over the top deaths.



It’s clear that six films in, the makers are poking fun at the serious tones of previous installments while entertaining us at the same time. To put simply….this movie is fun! Never really frightening, the movie revels in it’s own ridiculousness. You’ll find yourself laughing and feeling entertained as the over the top characters on screen meet their grisly demise.


Tommy Jarvis

A special mention has to go to this films take on Tommy. Having appeared in numerous films, this version of Tommy is a fully formed hero. Earnest and square jawed with a strong will to fight and defeat our super powered villain. Anywhere else, Tommy would be boring however they’ve also made him really dumb which is hilarious and I found myself routing for Jason over Tommy as the film went on. A great take on the usual good vs evil plot.


Super Powers

Like recent Marvel movies, it seems Jason’s return from death has granted him super powers. Invulnerable to pain and bullets, super strength and an uncanny ability to catch up to his victims even though he never so much as breaks into a light jog. Thoroughly entertaining to watch. Punching holes through peoples chests, ripping off arms and generally being completely unstoppable by anyone or anything make this version of Jason a joy to watch on screen.


Humor over Horror

As I’ve mentioned. The plot and the OTT deaths are more played for laughs than frights. They even break the fourth wall and make a success of this movie by not trying to be too serious. The victims are all annoying caricatures and you’ll find yourself amused when they’re getting their just desserts. This film in my opinion is one of the strongest in the series and shouldn’t be missed. So dust off your rusty machete and bloodied hockey mask and give it a whirl. What have you got to lose?


Which was your favorite Friday the 13th? Do you believe Tommy should have gone dark and taken on the Jason mantle? Do you think Jason began as a rip off of Michael Myers? Let me know in the comments below!


Also send me your requests for horror movies to review!

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