Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker Predictions

Okay so I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan and I’m very much looking forward to the end of this current trilogy. I’ve watched the teaser trailer but apart from that, I’ve kept myself away from spoilers or leaks or gossip. Below are my predictions for the upcoming film….if I touch on something that is already commonly known then apologies but these predictions are coming solely from my head and not from anywhere else. I’ve kept away from Star Wars news as much as possible. However, do be aware there will be major spoilers for the first two films in the trilogy below, you have been warned!! So here we go… crazy predictions :



Snoke Storyline pretty much done

The quick exit of Snoke in Rian Johnson’s movie is pretty much all she wrote! I think J.J. will do a little bit of backstory just for fan service but not a lot. Snoke will remain pretty much a mystery. Disappointing but I reckon there won’t be enough screen-time to dedicate to an already deceased character.



Speaking of done….Phasma!

Yes. I think she really is dead. No returns, gone the way of Boba Fett. Short and sweet! A hyped up character that never got the screen-time.



Jedi Ghost

I think with the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill will have a more substantial role to play in this final movie. He will take the form of a Force ghost alongside Yoda and guide Rey through pivotal plot points.



The Meaning of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

I think the title refers not to a person, but to a new third type of order that will be formed. The Jedi rely on the light and the Sith rely on the dark side of the force however the universe needs a balance. This has been mentioned over and over in the movies. They mention when one side becomes too strong, someone will rise up from the other side to restore balance. Rey seems to be the exception to this. Luke was afraid of the darkness in her and Kylo was defeated by her in the first movie by her adopting the light side of the force. She seems comfortable utilizing both and is strongest because she is balanced. This I believe will be the main plot driver for the finale and once Rey defeats all the baddies….she will start a new order known as ‘Skywalker’. (Both Luke and Vader switched between good and bad during original trilogy so would make sense to name the new ‘class’ of the force…..Skywalker). Cheesy but quite likely.



Poe becomes Rebel Leader

A bit predictable but most likely this third installment will start with a more refined and grown up Poe taking charge of the rebel forces. I sorta hope I’m wrong about this as it won’t be as much fun watching him be measured and less reckless than before.



The Emperor is still Dead

Okay so this is flying in the face of the teaser but I don’t think Palpatine is back. Perhaps he may come into the movie as an evil conscious voice in Kylo’s head or maybe he’ll even take Sith ghost form but that’s about it. I can’t foresee him having a big part to play and I definitely think he’s still dead.



Kylo Dies saving Rey

My final prediction is that Kylo is a complete dick throughout and a total bad ass but in the end, he’ll soften and save Rey’s life in some way. Most likely he’ll need to sacrifice his own life to do so making him an almost redeemable figure once the credits roll.



And that’s my lot. Regardless I’m really looking forward to how this tale concludes. I think Rian crushed a lot of what J.J. set up in the first movie so it’ll be interesting to see how J.J. finishes out the story.


What do you think? Are any of my predictions close to yours? Is Maz Kanata one of Joda’s old conquests? Do Porgs taste like chicken? What would Chewie look like if you shaved him? These are all the crucial questions that need to be answered!!! Let me know in the comments below!!!


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