Gun Violence – Why are Video Games Getting the Blame?

So I think we can all agree the recent violent shootings across America have been numerous, tragic and devastating for anyone close to any of the victims. These acts of violence are truly atrocious and something needs to change. The reflex reaction to something so vile is to look to someone or something to blame. We want to funnel the anger we have towards something. Trump wants you to get angry at video games!



Video Games to Blame?

The idea that violence in video games is to blame is ridiculous. This argument is lame and has always been the go-to move for politicians. Now we have an American President jumping on the band wagon which isn’t all that surprising. I could spend the rest of this article talking about how there is no correlation between video game violence and real life violence but that is exhausting. Also, it’s what politicians would like us to spend our time arguing about to detract from the real issue…..guns!

So to save some time (and some of my sanity) here are links to many articles/case studies and research papers put together by far smarter people than I. All of which come to the same conclusion. Simply put….there is no correlation between video game violence and real life attacks :


And that is simply a taster. You can go further down the rabbit hole and find countless research debunking the idea. So from here on, lets assume that gun violence and video game violence are not related!


Why Video Games Getting the Blame

As I mentioned briefly above, this is a tired predictable tactic adopted time and again to cause debate and ultimately, get people side-tracked talking about a non-issue. Spending time going around in circle debating if video games influence kids or adults takes us away from the real issue and also helps detract from the seriousness of the problem. People are dying and it’s not going away. The problem is getting worse and we’re no closer to a solution as long as we keep focusing on the wrong issues.


Video Games don’t kill…..Guns Do!

Sounds like a simplistic statement but it’s widely ignored. America doesn’t have a video game problem, it doesn’t have a racial hatred problem, it doesn’t have a mental health problem… has a gun problem. (It actually probably has a combination of all these issues but for the sake of finding a quick solution, lets just tackle the gun problem for now).

The only way to fix the issue of mass shootings and gun violence is to get rid of the guns. Sure, you may still have racial issues and you may still have mental health issues but you will drastically bring down the death toll. That is a fact that I think is obvious to everyone.

So why hasn’t it happened yet?


The Second Amendment

The gun lovers out there are always quick to hide behind this excuse. The right to bear arms is every American citizen’s right. Very true, can’t argue that! However, this was written in 1791. I’d like to think a lot has changed since then. If you’re a stickler for what the founding fathers wrote then you should also know the following piece from the declaration of independence : ‘That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness’.

Governments and Politicians should not be in power if they are destructive or affect the safety and happiness of the people right? So why do we allow lobbyist for the NRA bankroll political campaigns? Why do politicians shamelessly blame everything possible for gun violence except guns??? I’m no genius but nothing about these shootings would make me feel safe or happy. Something definitely needs to change!


Can’t change the Constitution

Absolutely correct. I would never dream of changing it even if I believe it to be outdated and slightly archaic. Many Americans believe in the constitution and it would be unpatriotic to change it. No problem! My solution then is not to remove guns (an impossible task at this late stage anyway). But show me where in the constitution that it mentions assault rifles, amour piercing rounds, Rpgs, Uzis, AK47s & Colt Machine Guns???

In 1791 they had muskets and flintlock pistols! These were single load guns. You could fire once and then needed to reload. I have no problem with every American having the right to purchase and own one of these!



Folks, these are just my opinions and I’m sure it will offend some people. I’m also not American so my opinion holds little weight but I still believe strongly that something needs to change. Innocent people are being gunned down and it’s horrendous. The only way the effect change is to stop the bullshit. When Trump sidelines the problem blaming everything under the sun….call bullshit. When your government doesn’t push for gun control, vote for a new government. When your politicians aren’t listening….shout louder. When Walmart stop selling violent video games but keep selling guns, vote with your wallet and shop elsewhere!


We can’t fix everything but we need to start somewhere.

What do you think? Is gun reform or tighter controls the answer? What would you do to solve the problem? Let me know in the comments below

One thought on “Gun Violence – Why are Video Games Getting the Blame?

  1. Well said paulfarrelly1980 đź‘Ź
    7.5 billion people on this planet who potentially have access to violent video games. Yet the country that ranks inside the top 3 for gun related crime/deaths is that of the 327.2 million people who can go to the supermarket for a pint of milk and a semi/full automatic weapon. Go figure …


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