E3 2019 – Paul’s Crazy Predictions

Okay so I’m not very good at this. Last year I made predictions and I think only one of them came true but I’ll keep trying. You can see last year’s in the link below if you like :


Not to be deterred I’m hoping to get a few more right this time around. So here goes nothing!

1) Microsoft will reveal next generation consoles…..yes, plural!

Without Sony having a presence at E3 this year, it really is Microsoft’s time to go big or go home. I think Microsoft announcing the next gen xbox is a sure thing considering Sony have already released info on theirs. I think we’ll get stats/specs, release window and even a price point for the next Xbox.

I also think we will get more details on a streaming box that Microsoft are working on. Perhaps even a launch date for later this year.


2) Watchdogs 3 – London

A fairly solid guess. Watchdogs 3 will get coverage with game play trailer and the setting will be confirmed as London. This has pretty much been revealed through strong rumors but yet to be confirmed. I also think it’s not too far away and will be released this year.


3) Beyond Good & Evil 2

We’ll get a lot more coverage of this than before. Perhaps a game play demo on the floor and a release date. This could definitely be Ubisoft’s year to shine with a lot of my predictions being tied to their IPs.


4) Splinter Cell Announced

I think we’ll get a teaser trailer for a new Splinter Cell game. It’s been far too long that they’ve sat on this IP with no release. ‘Julian Gerighty’ tweeted he was working on a new ‘Splinter Cell’ game only to remove the tweet and suggest that he was just joking…..yeah right!


5) Compulsion Games Xbox Exclusive

Microsoft bought up quite a few third party companies last year, Compulsion Games being one of them. I suspect we will get a reveal on a new game they’re working on for Microsoft. After the disappointing ‘We Happy Few’ I really hope they bring something stronger to the table this year.


6) Cyberpunk 2077 will be Game of the Show

I expect we’ll get a lot more coverage of Cyberpunk and imagine it will steal the lions share of coverage on the game floor and in interviews. Perhaps we’ll even get a release date who knows?


So that’s my lot for this year. With just over a week to go until E3 we’ll soon find out if I’m correct!


What are you’re predictions? Are you upset that Sony have bowed out this year? Is EA not having a conference a sign of damage control after Anthem? Let me know in the comments.

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