Psvr Move 2.0 – The Force is strong with this one!

Sony are notorious for filing patents for just about everything. However lately their patent for a new Psvr Move controller has gotten some limelight.

I wrote about this patent earlier last year however some more details have come to light which make for very interesting reading. If you would like to read my original article, check it out here :


Analog Control

The issue of movement in Psvr has always been a problem as the move controllers available now have no analog sticks. The new patent shows analog sticks on the controllers thus solving the issue of smooth movement. This is not a new revelation however as this was also mentioned earlier last year. So what has everyone so excited?


Force Sensitive

The new details show that the controller itself will be sensitive to the users grip. It will know when you are squeezing it tightly and this made add more immersion layers to the games we play. If sensitive/accurate enough it could also allow for finger tracking making the act of gripping and releasing intuitive. Done right, this will mean your hand, fingers and grips will all be represented realistically onscreen. Think about the act of catching something or crushing something simply by gripping your controller tighter than before. Seems like a small advancement but it could potentially have limitless uses in games and allow for more natural game play movements.


Valve Knuckles

This is not a new idea and anyone who has checked out tech demos for the new upcoming ‘valve knuckles’ will know how impressive this technology can be. If you are yet to see them in action, check out the link to a video demonstration here :



It’s clear that developers are sticking around for VR and that it’s becoming more progressive and mainstream as the months tick by. There is already talk of PSVR2 which is exciting to think about along with the imminent announcement of next gen consoles. Recently Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Layden has said that games like ‘AstroBot’ and ‘Blood & Truth’ are laying the foundations for what VR games can be. As long as investors and developers keep pushing the platform forward….we the consumer will reap the fruits of their labor. The future for VR looks exciting!!


What do you think? Would you rather have better controllers or a wireless headset? Let me know in the comments below

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