The PlayStation Classic – An essential flop!

So the PlayStation Classic launched last year in December to little or no fan fare. The twenty games built-in weren’t Sony’s best and didn’t feel like essential buying for gamers.

Also the asking price was €110 here in Ireland which is quite expensive. Naturally enough, critics tore it apart and rightly so. This was a lazy cash grab by Sony who used basic emulation and even had the nerve to put some PAL versions of games on the console which are inferior to the originals running at 60 hz on the NTSC versions.

Needless to say, the console didn’t sell well but here is why it’s now a must have item…


Essential Purchase

Thanks to it’s poor sales, there have been huge price drops. I picked one up for €60 but I’ve seen them sell for as little as €40!

Also because of the lack of description or security, modders had this cracked within days of launch. It’s possible now to emulate any PS1 game to perfection without even physically affecting the device. Simply by filling a usb key with an autobleem build, you can boot up the unit with over a hundred perfectly emulated PS1 games. You can even load up older system games like 3do, mame or Sega 32x. Everything is presented with box art and menus are easy to navigate. All you need to do is visit and find the build you want.

Don’t like what you see? Just pull out the usb drive and your classic is back to normal. No physical changes are made and everything reverts back to it’s original state.

This is now one of the cheapest, simplest ways to emulate PS1 games anywhere and it’s extremely affordable. It’s a no brainer and the time to buy is now!!

I believe once people start snapping these units up for modding, the prices will go up again so my advice, buy it now!

Of course, you should never use roms unless you own the original copy of the game and these should be used for backup purposes only. 

If you want to see some builds available or would like to learn how to put your own collection together yourself, I suggest visiting YouTuber ‘Madlittlepixel’. He has plenty of videos worth checking out!


So what do you think? Have you picked up the Playstation Classic already? Are you happy with the original games available on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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