Epic Games Store – Set to Topple Steam?

Epic Games Store Front

Last month saw the launch of ‘Epic Games’ very own store front. Similar to steam, they offer a platform for game developers to sell their games digitally. This allows gamers to buy PC games online and download them directly to their systems. Buying online usually means cheaper prices for consumers and having a big company like ‘Epic Games’ step into the fray should lead to some healthy competition.


Early Days

Having only just begun in December, their store front is looking a little bare. You can browse what’s on offer in minutes and most of the games have a ‘coming soon’ attached so it’s really too early to tell if they are going to be successful. However they have three big things going in their favor which I’ll list below:


1) Larger Profit for Developers

To have any chance of rivaling the bloated titan that is ‘Steam’, ‘Epic Games’ have an uphill battle on their hands. However, they have already begun with great promise. Firstly, they are offering developers a larger cut of the profits for bringing their games to the store front. Steam typically offers developers a 75% to 25% split of the profits for games sold through Steam (this percentage changes to 80/20% split after surpassing $50 million in sales) which up until now, has been the best deal on offer to developers and typically the only choice for smaller developers to get their product out there.

Epic Games are offering 88% profit to developers which is a massive difference. Whether a small or large developer, it’s hard to ignore that bigger slice of the pie! So much so that they’ve landed an exclusive deal with ‘Ubisoft’ to host ‘The Division 2’ on their store front. This is a big deal as ‘The Division 2’ is a huge title and the original game has a large dedicated fan base. Consumers looking to buy digitally will be turning to Epic games rather than Steam to purchase and if successful, this may be the beginning of more exclusive deals bringing big titles and developers to Epic Games.


2) Show me the Money!

There is no doubt that Steam is an absolute juggernaut and has vast amounts of wealth to rival all their competition. However, Epic Games are no slouches either. The company itself is valued at $15 billion and owned by ‘Tencent Holdings Ltd’ which is the world’s largest gaming company. Also the founder of Steam ‘Gabe Newell’s’ net worth is valued at $3.9 billion whereas the founder of Epic Games ‘Tim Sweeney’s’ net worth is valued at $7.6 billion.

To put it simply….Epic Games have money! They can pump vasts amounts of cash into this venture for as long as it takes to gather momentum and become a serious competitor to Steam.


3) Free Games

Since launch in December, Epic Games have promised a free game every couple of weeks for users. Yes….completely free. So far we’ve been given ‘Subnautica’, ‘Super Meatboy’ & ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ with ‘The JackBox Party Pack’ coming soon. This is an amazing offer. It’s completely free to sign up to ‘Epic Games Store’ and there’s no obligation to buy anything. Epic games are giving you good games for nothing which is a great way to create good will with consumers. It’s remains to be seen if this good will can be converted into purchases but I feel they’re definitely going in the right direction. Should ‘Gabe Newell’ be nervous? Yes….yes he should!


Conclusion……We Win!

No matter how this pans out…the consumer wins. Healthy competition between Steam and Epic Games will lead to better deals and higher standards of service for us gamers. Flash sales, exclusive deals, discounts, free games…….all these things are good for gamers. Here’s hoping both platforms battle it out for many years to come!


What are your thoughts. Can Epic topple the Giant? Will Ubisoft launch all future games on Epic? How did I get through all this without mentioning Fortnite?

Let me know below!

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