New Content 2019!!!!

Folks I recently did a poll to see what people would like to read more of on my site. The two categories were ‘Retro Movie Reviews’ & ‘Gadget/tech News’.

I’m happy to announce that it was a 50/50 draw so I will try to give you new content for both!


Retro Movie Reviews

I’ll review all my favorites from the past and will also take any suggestions from others. I’ll be honest and fair and will always have a paragraph in each letting you know if the film still holds up in modern times or are there parts/effects that just don’t work. I alos already begun. If you want to see my first retro review, check out the link below :



Gadget/tech News

Here I’ll be doing my best to bring you any interesting news pieces on new gadgets or technology. I’ll also cover off android tv box reviews, mobile gaming and apk reviews, game emulation, kodi builds, must have apps and apks, VR equipment news and much much more.

This is a broad topic so if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover, then let me know in the comments. Also, just like retro movie reviews…I’ve begun already! Check out my first article under gadget/tech news by following the link below :


Happy reading!

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