Tech Stuff – Must have Apks for your Android Tv Box

Since Judge rulings in Europe and Mark Zuckerberg’s outspoken views on streaming, ‘Kodi’ have become a dirty word. More and more people are seeking stand alone apks  for their viewings needs rather than going through the extra steps and stigma of using Kodi. Below are a list of Apks currently working very well……enjoy! (VPN is always recommended when using any streaming apps)


Morpheus Tv (For Movies & Tv Shows)

This is the mac daddy of apps for me at the moment. Although the author has left a disclaimer saying the app will no longer be supported or receive updates, it’s still working brilliantly and pulling in good quality fast links.

The two main features of Morpheus that make it a must have app are :

  1. Trakt – You can link your trakt account to it. Meaning that when you install it fresh or when you load it on a new device, you no longer have to pick your favorite movies and tv shows all over again. Spend the time online setting up a Trakt account (it’s free). Bookmark all your favorite go to shows and films and you’re done! All you need do is pair your account and all your trakt collection will show up.
  2. Ping – Every link or set of links that load up in Morpheus have a coloured number beside them showing how fast in milliseconds the link is. They are even coloured. Green for good, yellow for okay, red for bad. Have you ever been annoyed that after loading a movie or show, it starts buffering after a minute or two….or worse yet, when you’re deep into the movie? Well just pick a link with a green number beside it and you’re practically guaranteed no buffering throughout your viewing which is a God send!


Other good (but not as good) apps for Movies and Tv are :

  1. Free flix Hq
  2. Cinema
  3. Showbox

Free flix Hq deserves a special mention as it also offers live tv channels so it’s a noe stop shop for everything. I just find the lilve stuff is hit and miss and sometimes the servers are down. Can be a little fiddly but a good alternative nonetheless.


Mobdro (Live Tv, Live Streams & Sports)

An oldie but still one of the best. Depends slightly on which version you are using. I find install an old version and then following the prompts to update is a sure fire way to get the latest and most stable version running smoothly on your box

The tv channels available are vast and amazing. A really great selection and very reliable.

The sports section is also excellent. With lots of channels covering all major sporting events it’s quite easy to find premiership football matches or whatever tickles your fancy.

Note : Set sorting to ‘enabled’ to have channels listed alphabetically. However this isn’t crucial just helps with navigation

Also, Mobdro is great for live news feeds. Daily YouTube clips, live game streams from Twitch and YouTube and many more live streams from all around the world.

Other good one :

  1. TvTap

Slightly less reliable but still good. Also get hit with annoying adds and have to select full screen each time you load a new channel but if you can forgive these extra steps, it’s quite enjoyable. Also offers a lot of UK channels if that’s what you’re into!


That’s enough to get you started…..I will cover gaming in a future article. Keep those peepers here on geekgasm for all your needs! In the comments below, please let me know what apks you’re currently using or if you have any questions for me please stick them down, I will reply to all.

3 thoughts on “Tech Stuff – Must have Apks for your Android Tv Box

  1. I’m using Dream TV (Terrarium replacement) at the moment and cant fault it. Good stable HD links, updated daily and of course the all important Trakt sync.


    1. Yeah it’s great, just haven’t felt the need to move on from Morpheus yet. Cheers for the feedback, always great to have a few options


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