Psvr Solves Motion Control Issues

Confirmed yesterday by the company ‘3d rudder’ their motion control foot board will be available for PSVR very soon.

Orders placed today will cost consumers €119 and arrive in April. The controller has been officially supported by Sony and should help to solve motion control issues for Ps4

You place the circular disc at your feet in a seated position and use your feet to control movement in Vr. The curved base allows you to push the board in different directions and the foot guards allow you to turn the board with your feet. Boasting accurate feedback you can move forward, backwards, strafe and swivel with ease making traversing in Vr easy and solving the issue Sony have with their dated motion controllers. The move controllers have no analog sticks so moving thus far has been done with either awkward button presses or the much criticized ‘click teleporting’ which breaks immersion. A statement from ‘3drudder’ reads as follows :

Our mission is simple: To make moving in VR, games and 3D application and worlds, as natural and rewarding as it can be. For the fun, for the thrill, for the joy…for the movement of it. So no matter why you do it, get ready to sit down, step up, and run the game.

Details are scant at the moment but if you would like to see more, check out

So what do you think? Would you rather they released updated move controllers with analog sticks? Does the thought of having to sit down to use it annoy you? Is the price point too high considering only 20 games will support it from launch?

Let me know in the comments below

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