Playstation Classic – Size Matters!

Just announced officially yesterday by Sony, we can enjoy a playstation classic in time for Christmas.

The mini version will come with 20 playstation one games built in. It will have two wired joypads and a hdmi output.

The only games confirmed so far are: Final Fantasy 7, Ridge Racer 4, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash and Wild Arms.

The unit is modelled on the design of the original playstation one but is 45% smaller in size.

It seems Sony is copying the recent craze started by Nintendo who have already released a Nintendo mini and a Snes mini to great success. Both units were sold out at launch and are still difficult to source.

So what’s next? I personally want to see an N64 mini but what is your take on these retro re-releases? Do you think Microsoft will enter the niche market and release an Xbox mini?

In any case, hopefully Sony produce enough units to keep up with demands as I foresee the playstation classic being the number one item on everyone’s Christmas list!

As always, thoughts and comments below!

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