Uncharted – A short film

Earlier today a fan made short was put out over the internet featuring none other than ‘Nathan Fillion’ playing the beloved Nathan Drake from the Uncharted gaming series. Directed by Allan Ungar and also starring ‘Stephen Lang’ as Sully, Mircea Monroe as Elena and the absolute badass ‘Geno Segers’ (the ultimate villian from tv series Banshee). The future of a feature length ‘Uncharted’ movie seems a bit up in the air at the moment so it’s a welcome addition to finally have what a lot of fans have been yearning for…….a faithful depiction of one of Playstation most enigmatic heroes! Also…..it’s damn good!!!

15 Mins of Heaven

Although quite short at just under 15 minutes. This movies packs in a perfect mix of charm, action, cockiness and humour we’ve come to love from playing the ‘Uncharted’ games. Nathan Fillion is a perfect casting choice and definitely a fan favorite. He basically is Nathan Drake and always has been (although Nolan North might disagree). From Firefly to Slither to Castle, Nathan excludes bravado and a sharp sense of humour in his roles and was an obvious choice to most to play Nathan Drake if ever the chance came about.

Hollywood Misfire

Unfortunately, the Uncharted movie has been languishing in development hell for years. With directors hinted at and actors like Mark Wahlberg tipped to play our hero at early stages, we’ve had more mis-steps than reassurances. The latest confirmed rumor is that we will see a younger Nathan on our silver screens played by none other than Tom Holland. Although this may be interesting, we haven’t had any updates for quite a while. I’m not hating on Tom Holland as he’s absolutely killing it lately, it’s just that a younger Nate doesn’t really interest me. I want the fully fledged Nathan Drake we know well from the games.

Fan Favorite

It was definitely a wish come true for thousands of Fillion fans earlier today then when a short movie was released. This was a beautiful thank you to the fans as, as they say themselves, hopefully scratches that ‘what if’ itch for Uncharted. The short is also excellent which really helps. Both Fillion and Stephen Lang (playing Sully) are wonderful in their roles, getting the chemistry and humor exactly right and showing the viewer exactly how entertaining an Uncharted movie could be.

Small Beginnings? (Deadpool)

Could this lead to something? Remember ‘Deadpool’ only came about through a leaked test CGI short and it garnered interest from Hollywood through sheer fanboy persistence. Can we hope the same for Uncharted? After watching this, I hope the answer is yes. I think they have something special here and would love to see them working with a bigger budget and fleshed out story. I also really don’t want to see a young Nathan with Tom Holland………have I mentioned that already?


Do you agree? Have you watched the short yet? Would you cast differently? Let me know in the comments below

Check out the link and judge for yourself :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CZQpqF_74

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