Is VR Dead Already??

Like a lot of other PSVR owners, I was eagerly awaiting E3 and perhaps the promise of some killer games to come. Also like so many others, I was let down. We have had all the main conferences at this stage and there has been little mention of VR in general. Is this the final nail in the coffin for this ‘gimmick’?


Hopefully not! I love my VR and although the games haven’t changed the world or become ‘must have’ titles, they have been a big ‘ol pile of fun. I want VR to stay and more importantly, I want it to have an impact on the games industry and beyond. More units out to more people and more developers working with the platform to make it a success.


Is it too late?

After E3 it’s clear that Sony and other developers aren’t pointing a spotlight on VR anymore. That doesn’t mean the end but rather a smarter option by all as it’s simply not as big as everyone would have liked. On the game floor, Sony will showcase 14 PSVR titles so I can only hope we get some promising game footage over the next few days. Will there be a game that is worth buying a headset for? Probably not but things aren’t as bleak as they might seem


Future of VR

If I’ve learned anything about VR over the last two years, it’s that gaming isn’t going to make people rush out and buy a headset. I think if it’s to have a big impact, social apps or sports is where the draw is for people. All the people out there who watch sports or use Facebook could potentially be offered a more enhanced experience through VR. If you offer that and at the right price, you’re bound to have a lot more investors


World Cup 2018

BBC have committed to broadcasting every matching not only in 4k but also in VR. We’ll get to see in the next day or two if this is as great as it sounds but the premise is definitely tantilizing. Imagine sitting behind the goal mouth watching football…….or better yet, at a set designed coffee table in virtual reality where stats pop up enchancing your experience. If this is successful…I can see a bright future for the medium.


Beyond the World Cup

Imagine watching a boxing match from ringside where at the touch of a button, you can change your view to overhead, or from ring-post or even from the Ref’s point of view. Take that same idea and apply it to anything you love. Wrestling, Golf, Concerts, Stand-up Shows, Chat Shows, Formula 1…..the list goes on. What if you got to view F1 from inside your favorite driver’s cockpit. What if you got to stand beside Rory McElroy as he tees off, able to look in all directions. What if you could view the crowd at Glastonbury from the main stage as your favorite band performed all around you!


Not only is everything above possible, it’s very profitable. Instead of selling one ringside seat, they leave that space clear for a camera and sell that seat to thousands of viewers. It seems to me like a no brainer!


So here’s hoping the BBC World Cup 2018 VR experience is successful and here’s hoping that it leads to a bright future for Virtual Reality!!


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