E3 2018 – Paul’s Crazy Predictions


With the largest games expo just under a week away (June 12th-14th), I thought it might be fun to make five predictions about the upcoming show. Some are based on educated guesses and some are pure wish fulfillment. I’ve kept it to five predictions so here we go :

Death Stranding Game Play Trailer


I am certain we will have more from Hideo Kojima’s most hyped project at E3 this year. Hopefully it will be an actual game play trailer, if not I’d expect a theatrical trailer at the very least. Either of which will probably be just as confusing as everything that has come before! I expect to know even less about what Death Stranding is all about after E3 but I love it. Kojima is the master of hype and misdirection.



Last of Us 2 Game Play


Hopefully after a couple of teasers of the last two years, we get to see some game play footage during the Sony Conference. As it’s their heavy hitter, it will most likely either open the conference of finish it out at the end. I doubt we’ll get a specific release date but perhaps we’ll get a season/year date such as Fall 2019. Would love to see some game play however I do think with a game as big as this, less is more! They don’t need to oversell it as everybody is already hyped for it. Giving us a release date would be amazing


Rockstar show up?


This is a long shot! Rockstar notoriously avoid E3 and all other events come to think of it. They are so large and successful that they don’t need the hype and tend to make their own announcements. That said, E3’s timing is perfect to leak a new trailer for upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. Due to release in October, it would make perfect sense to drop a game play trailer now and E3 is a massive platform to do it on. Again as I mentioned, this would go against what Rockstar normally do but we can hope right?

Microsoft finish their Conference with Anthem


As they’ve done before. I predict Microsoft finish out their conference with a new game play trailer for Anthem. Anthem is there last big trump card to play on this generation and it would make sense to save a big heavy hitter until the end. This time though, they’ll need a more substantial trailer with game play and I predict it will also finish with a release date. I do think Microsoft have been flailing in second place throughout this console generation and most of their first party stuff have not hit the mark. Hopefully Anthem can change that and earn them back some love. A release date would definitely get the crowd pumped.

Playstation show a VR Sizzle Reel


This is probably the safest prediction on the list. Sony have pushed VR at every conference lately. VR seems to be under performing unfortunately. I would love to see it flourish. It feels a little like this is the last chance to give it a good push although perhaps I’m being dramatic. Regardless, I predict they will show a sizzle reel with a mash-up of all the upcoming VR titles yet to be released this year. Some will be known such as ‘Blood & Truth’ and ‘Golem’ and others will be new ones we haven’t seen before (and hopefully they’ll look amazing and worth having).


So that’s my five! I had so many more but tried to reign myself in! What are your predictions? Is Crash Team Racing being remastered? Can we expect a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn? Are Rocksteady working on a Superman game? Will PS5 get announced?

All food for thought! Do you agree with my list or do you have some of your own. Comment below and let me know

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