Movie Review – Deadpool 2

****Minor Spoilers**** Really nothing big, no plot points…..just observations!!



Full disclosure, I am a huge Deadpool fan. I have read a lot of the comics, wear the t-shirts and have watched any animated film with Deadpool in it (I highly recommend Hulk Vs Wolverine 2009). I’m also a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. I’ve kept an eye on him since the early days of ‘Two Guys, A Girl & a Pizza Place’ and love his twisted sense of humor on Twitter. I’m not sure if any of that matters, it may make me this movies biggest fanboy or worst critic….we shall see:



A bit of a one note linear path here but that’s not shocking for a comedy comic hero movie. Without giving much away, Wade has decided to protect a troublesome child whom Cable has deemed a legitimate threat to the future of mankind. Think Terminator 2 except with dick jokes and you’re on the right path!

The Good

This is Deadpool! If you’ve seen the first movie you know exactly what to expect. It’s loaded with jokes, culture references, insider comic book references, self awareness an just cutting jibes all wrapped up in a nice and stylish action flick. There are one or two emotional scenes in it and some do carry some surprising weight but they’re always followed up by irreverent humor which takes away a little from the story line but is just too much fun to ignore. It’s clear the budget was a bit larger than the original movie. They’ve added lots of really well choreographed action/fight scenes and expanded the deadpool universe to be bigger, badder & funnier (sort of….I’ll cover this in the next paragraph). In essence this movie has aimed to be bigger, funnier, dirtier, and better than it’s predecessor and succeeds on a lot of fronts.

The Not So Good

As mentioned above. They really try hard to make this the bigger brother to the first movie. Unfortunately, it suffers from being a sequel to such a stand-out movie. The first Deadpool film gave us a welcome breath of fresh air. Feeling jaded by the formulaic superhero movies before it…..Deadpool came along and just gave two fingers to everyone. Nothing like it had been seen before and unless you were a fan of the comics, it seemed to come from nowhere. Breaking the fourth wall, ribbing on real life actors and films, dropping f bombs, showing real gore and violence. It was such good and refreshing entertainment in a bloated and saturated market.

Unfortunately Deadpool 2 does much of the same. I’m not having a pop at it as I still love that humor. However, although it’s still a hilarious movie, a lot of the jokes don’t feel fresh anymore. In fact, at it’s worst, it feels like they rehashes a few jokes from the original which in Deadpool’s own words is just ‘Lazy Writing’. For every new joke, there’s an old one taken straight from the first movie which feels familiar and still funny but I’m worried if they don’t course correct a little if they make a third installment. (Which I’m certain they will!)



We have a couple of new characters whom I’ll get to shortly. A quick head nod has to go to Wade’s girlfriend Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin)who steals every scene. She seems every bit his equal and it’s a shame she’s not in this outing more.

The big bad Cable (played by Josh Brolin) deserve praise for his serious take on a one-note character. Sadly, I feel this role could have been played by anyone as the writers really haven’t given him much to work with. However Josh handles the serious role perfectly and hopefully we’ll see him grow some nuances to this character in the future and fingers crossed he’s given more depth.

Domino (played by Zazie Beetz) A welcome edition to the team. Domino relies on luck to see her through. This leads to some very cinematic action pieces and Zazie plays her role with great levels of energy and style. She is really likable and eats up every scene she is in.

Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds). Wow, there are few roles that are tailored for a person but this is definitely a match made in heaven. Ryan owns the role just as he did in the original. It’s clear he has a huge passion for this project and it’s satisfying to seem him do so well. He brings absolutely everything he has to the role…..maximum effort!



I’ve mentioned a few issues above and if you were to pin me down, I didn’t enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the first outing. The only reason for this is that it was completely new and fresh and surprising the first time around. I am being harsh with my criticisms but believe me when I say, they a small niggles. This is a truly enjoyable romp and possibly bigger and better than the first if you are a newcomer to the series. I had a great time with Deadpool 2 and I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching it again and again to pick up on missed gags. The post credits alone are absolutely hilarious.



Verdict : Definitely worth a watch. Full of fun, action & comic book anti-hero goodness! No beers needed to enjoy this one!! Go see it!



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