Google Console? – Updated GDC 2019


Below is an article I wrote early last year. The rumors of Google entering the console market now seem to be coming to fruition. Google have publicly said that they will have a big announcement at this years GDC 2019 (Games Developers Conference). The conference starts on 18th March. Watch this space for further updates and in the meantime….enjoy the article!


Has Google just entered the console market? News leaked yesterday suggests that one of the largest most successful companies in the world may be branching out into the gaming market. Little is known at this early stage except that Google have a project code-named ‘Yeti’ and plan to stream games as service similar to ‘Gamefly’. This will be done either through existing devices such as ‘Chromecast’ or through a Google developed console.

Signs for Google entering the gaming market with their own brand of console and gaming are positive at the moment. The internet giant certainly aren’t short on finances and could easily pump billions into this project if desired. Up until this point, they’ve only touched upon mobile gaming through the Google play store but it isn’t hard to imagine them manufacturing a gaming console which also runs google apps and brings their many platforms to the sitting room tv.

As mentioned, details are sketchy at best at this time however it was confirmed in late January that Google hired Phil Harrison who has worked in the gaming industry at the top level for both Sony and Microsoft. Taking such a prolific character into the fold can only mean that Google have both the talent and the financial resources to make a serious impact on the gaming industry.

As a consumer, all competition is welcome as it only leads to one thing…….more games!

GDC 2018 (Games Developer Conference) starts March 19th and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a lot more about ‘Project Yeti’ at this time. The conference takes place in San Francisco which is where one of Google’s major offices is based so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch of the imagination to predict an announcement at the GDC.


What do you think? Can Google crack in to the console market? Would you want them to? Is the market too saturated or in need of some new competition?

Let me know in the comments, would love to hear different ideas

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