Red Dead Redemption 2 – Oct 26th

So we got some mixed news last week. Read dead redemption 2 finally has an official release date, however it’s delayed later than we all thought. Coming out now in late October this year. An Amazon pre-order kerfuffle earlier in the month lead us to believe/hope that the game would launch in July but alas that hasn’t turned out to be true.

So is a delay a bad thing? Well in my opinion bar the added wait time, a delay is almost always a good thing when it comes to game releases. If a company as big and confident as Rockstar wants to hold back to add some extra polish to their game then I’m all for it. Some may remember the god awful first release of ‘Arkham City’ on the PC which was pretty much unplayable. Also, if you look back on Assassin’s Creed games (not counting Origins) they were pressured into a yearly release and the games themselves were often a mess on release date. Glitches, crashes and missing facial features broke the immersion for most players and the games credibility was ruined before it could be patched (Yes Assassin’s Creed Unity, I’m talking about you!).

Rockstar are pioneers in gaming and often their titles push other games developers to up their game so I’m happy for them to take their time and make something truly special. Red Dead Redemption was one of my all-time favorite gaming experiences and I’m sure many people share that opinion. If Rockstar need a little longer to create a masterpiece then so be it.

Online? Rockstar have confirmed that Red Dead 2 will have online multiplayer. Can they be reaching for the similar successes of GTA online? What would you like to see in Read Dead 2? Are you looking forward to multiplayer or (like me) are you hoping that Rockstar make a truly compelling single player narrative first and foremost?


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