Patent for new VR Controller

qQU2hcPfXierAR1k478r8taDsZCE3OPIrLh8QYCRCkkSony have recently patented a design for a new VR controller which, if it comes to be, may change how VR is currently played. Since PSVR’s launch, we have either been using the normal dualshock controller or the now outdated move controllers (third option the Aim controller, although not supported by a lot of titles). The move controllers offer that extra level of immersion as they allow you to move your hands freely and independently inside the games. The only issue with the move controllers is a lack of an analog stick. This makes traversing within games tricky. Some solutions to this have either been, mapping movement controls to small buttons on the move controller (awkward as buttons aren’t very prominent by design) or by ‘click teleporting’ which although convenient, kind of kills the immersion in most games.

The move controllers would be a lot more effective with an analog stick in place of the large thumb button currently on offer. The design of the new controller (see pic) solves this issue and if it is made, shows another step forward by Sony and a commitment to continue support for VR.

The design itself looks slightly retro, reminding me of my time playing flight sim games on PC. Hopefully if it comes to be, it may offer superior tracking and provide us with an overall improved VR experience.

However, Sony file many patents each year so perhaps we can only hope for something new soon!

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