The Future of PSVR

It certainly has been an eventful year for PSVR launching late in 2016. In that short time the number of games released is at around 150. Also there are now 2 million headsets out in the wild proving that playstation now have an exciting platform to entice consumers. It also kicks the door wide open for third party developers to take interest. With a larger marketplace, many games developers will no longer be afraid to dip their toes in the virtual water!

As an avid gamer, I can honestly say that even though there has been 150+ games so far, good quality games for Psvr are few and far between. A lot of games feel short or last generation or worse again… a tech demo. There are exceptions and of course there are some truly brilliant experiences to be had with Psvr. Playstation have promised 130+ games added to their growing Vr library this year which is very promising for the hardwares future. Also, earlier this week a patent was filed for a new motion controller which has analog movement. This will solve the traversing issues with the now dated tech of the move controllers but details are sketchy at best at the moment.

For me, Psvr is still missing that killer app or must-have game but it feels like they’re getting close! Perhaps a third party developer will come up with the magic formula and create something truly special!

So what is the future of PSVR? Well it’s clear that despite the nay-sayers, Playstation are going to support this tech and grow the player base. With 130+ games on the way…..the future looks promising!

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